Thomas Weibenfalk – JavaScript, React and more.

Thomas Weibenfalk is one of the top JavaScript and React teacher in the world of web development. Thomas hails from Sweden and has a masters degree in Marketing & Economics from Lund University. He has good foundations in graphic design as well due to which his project tutorials have nice and clean design.

Mr Weibenfalk has worked as a full stack web developer and a freelancer for several years and he has a rich experience in the field of web development.

I discovered Thomas Weibenfalk mainly through Twitter and freeCodeCamp forums. He was one of the top 100 contributor for freeCodeCamp in the year 2019.

Weibenfalk runs a successful YouTube channel of the same name and his tutorials are really wonderful to watch. He creates project oriented web development tutorials on mostly Vanilla JavaScript and React.

Most noteworthy thing I like about this teacher is more real world project oriented teaching, less preaching, to the point practical tutorials, teaches everything from scratch

Top Tutorials by Weibenfalk


  • React Movie App – A clone of popular movie database site which teaches you react fundamentals, create-react-app, jsx, hooks and functional components, local and session storage and app deployment on Netlify.
  • Gatsby with WordPress as a Headless CMS – This tutorial teaches you how to use Gatsby Static Site Generator + React to build a front end website consuming WordPress API



Weibenfalk has helped me get better at React. I highly recommend his courses. He is very approachable via email and social media as well.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. My aim is to introduce some great teachers and content creators (even lesser known ones) in the world of Web Development.

Keep Coding, Keep Smiling !

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