Stripe online payment, finally in India !

Stripe Payment Gateway available in India.

Yes ! I’m ecstatic to hear about Stripe starting their online payment service in India. Stripe payment gateway is known for its ease of integration with web and mobile apps. This is an awesome news.

If you are a web developer or you are learning web development, you can find thousands of tutorials online about integrating Stripe Payment Gateway in their web and mobile apps. Stripe checkout integration is one of the most requested feature among freelancing clients.

This always used to make me sad as Stripe wasn’t available in India. This meant that we could not even create an account to play around with its APIs.

There was finally a ray of hope last year when Stripe announced that they will release in India soon. And now finally its here. It’s time to rejoice.


Stripe faces tough competition from Indian Payment Gateways such as Razorpay, PayU, CCAvenue, InstaMojo etc. Razorpay in particular is fantastic and is league above all other payment gateways with is developer friendly API, top notch documentation and amazing customer support.

PayPal too is catering to the Indian audience in a limited way. But PayPal is mostly used as a means to receive International Payment by freelancers in India. India has one of the toughest laws about money transaction in and out of the country. This is mainly to avoid money laundering and restrict funds for terrorism, narcotics and other things. There are so many bureaucratic hoops. If you are an Individual or Freelancer, its so much difficult to accept payments from rest of the world. PayPal is the only solution most of the times and they charge up to 5.5% for most payments which definitely pinches your pockets.

I hope Stripe will provide some much needed competition to PayPal. Stripe should facilitate Indian freelancers to receive payments from their clients abroad.

UPI Support

India is currently seeing a spectacular boom in internet usage thanks to aggressive positioning by internet provider JIO telecom. So lot of Indians are consuming content, transacting online for the very first time. From past couple of years there is a strong upsurge in online payments due to a instant QR code based money transfer technology called UPI which was introduced by Government of India. PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and of course BHIM (by Govt of India) are some of the top UPI payment gateway apps. They work similar to AliPay, WeChat Pay etc which are popular in China.

I went through their API and Docs. Currently UPI, Net Banking, and Indian Payment Wallets are not supported. Stripe is currently supporting only credit cards and debit cards. If Stripe wants to cater to the domestic market, they should definitely support UPI, Net Banking and Indian Payment Wallets.

Stripe India Pricing

Stripe follows Pay as you Go method with following rates

  • Domestic Indian Cards (issued in India) – 2%
  • Domestic Indian Cards (issued out of India) – 3%
  • International Cards (issued anywhere in the world) – 4.3% + 2% additional for currency conversion

To compare PayPal charges 2.5% + (₹3 fixed fee) for domestic payments and a range of 3.4% to 4.4% + fixed fees for International payments. Now this range depends on monthly sales volume. So most of the time you can assume it to be 4.4% if you earn less than $3000.

To conclude, additional currency conversion fees at 2% seems to be steep which makes International Payment at 6.3% which is higher than PayPal.

I really hope Stripe also supports UPI, Net Banking and Indian Payment Wallets. PayPal already supports them.

I’m thankful that Stripe has finally arrived in India. I hope they do some market research on Indian audience and improve their solutions. I’m rooting for Stripe to capture a large pie of International Payment market share.

Build Ecommerce Website (Amazon Clone) with Node and React Tutorial

Hello guys, I found a nice 5 hour long YouTube tutorial on how to build a Ecommerce website with Node and React by Coding with Basir.

By the end of the tutorial you will build a mini clone of Amazon using Node and React. This app is a Full Stack MERN App using MongoDB for database, Node + Express for APIs, front end is built with React (using Hooks) with Redux for state management. Finally the app is deployed on Heroku.

Course Contents

  • 00:02:00 Part 01- Introduction
  • 00:08:26 Part 02- Install Tools (VS Code, Chrome)
  • 00:12:36 Part 03- Website Template (HTML, CSS)
  • 00:29:47 Part 04- Products List (Grid, Flexbox)
  • 00:41:54 Part 05- Create Sidebar (JavaScript)
  • 00:52:39 Part 06- Create React App (React)
  • 01:01:09 Part 07- Render Products (JSX)
  • 01:06:30 Part 08- Product Details (React Router)
  • 01:30:53 Part 09- Create Node Server (Node.js)
  • 01:39:52 Part 10- Fetch Server Data (React Hooks)
  • 01:47:55 Part 11- Manage State With Redux (Redux)
  • 02:07:11 Part 12- Add Redux To Details (Redux with Hooks)
  • 02:29:23 Part 13- Shopping Cart Screen (Advanced React)
  • 03:08:11 Part 14- Connect MongoDB (Mongoose)
  • 03:21:35 Part 15- Sign In User (JWT Authentication)
  • 03:56:02 Part 16- Manage Products (React Modal)
  • 04:38:43 Part 17- Checkout Wizard (React Wizard)

Topic Covered

  1. HTML5 and CSS3: Semantic Elements, CSS Grid, Flexbox
  2. React: Components, Props, Events, Hooks, Router, Axios
  3. Redux: Store, Reducers, Actions
  4. Node & Express: Web API, Body Parser, File Upload, JWT
  5. MongoDB: Mongoose, Aggregation
  6. Development: ESLint, Babel, Git, Github,
  7. Deployment: Heroku

Demo –

Github –

Best Web Development Tutorials on YouTube

Ever since the inception of YouTube, there have been thousands of people who have imparted free education to their followers. Today you can learn to play a guitar, or basics of gardening or speak a new language or get good at Math, all at the comfort of your couch.

Web Development and Software development in general is no different. You can find some of the best instructors on YouTube to learn everything about a programming language, build projects, acquire new skills, improve your code quality etc.

Since there are thousands of hours of content one can simply binge watch, it is most important to focus on only those videos which will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a student or an employee or a freelancer, the best way to improve your skills and achieve your goals is to build projects. If you are a web developer, I cannot stress this point enough.

Among ocean of resources on YouTube, there is only bucketful of full fledged, project focused web development tutorials. This is because coming up with an idea for a project is hard. A content creator needs to spend considerable amount of time working on the idea, translating the idea into code, polishing the content and finally delivering it as a tutorial.

My blog post aims to make a curated list of best web development tutorials on YouTube. You will end up creating tangible projects at the end of each tutorial which you can showcase in your portfolio.

I aim to keep this list up to date and weed out any outdated tutorials.



Full Websites / Landing Pages







MERN Stack




I hope you will find this curated list of Best Web Development Tutorials on YouTube very helpful . There are still hundreds of good creators and thousands of awesome tutorials. So I apologize if I have missed any good content creator or any good tutorial. You can always share them in comments.

Keep Coding, Keep Smiling !

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Top Udemy Courses for Web Development

Udemy Courses are one of the best and cheapest way to learn a variety of topics ranging from Web Development, Software Development, Graphics Design, Photography, Music, Finance, Accounting, Self Help, Health and fitness.

Udemy has its sale at various times during a year. But they have longest sale with great discounts during the first week of new year. This year they are offering some great courses for less than $10 up to January 9th.

This blog post aims to list top Udemy Courses for Web Development.

My choice of these courses are based on a combination of concepts + contents + real world projects + course updates + beginner friendliness + value for money. Honestly these are my personal opinion and selecting few courses from an ocean of courses was a real challenge.

Front End








Back End






Full Stack

MERN Stack

MEAN Stack

LAMP Stack




WordPress Development

I hope you will find these Udemy Courses useful in your web development journey. There are lots of other great instructors and great courses as well. I hope to cover lesser known instructors with great content in future post.

Keep Coding, Keep Smiling !

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