NodeJS + Express Tutorials

Here is a top class NodeJS + Express JS Tutorial by John Smilga (Coding Addict on YouTube). This tutorial is nearly 10 hours long and focuses on building 4 Projects using NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB. The much of the project is building the backend API and front end development is not covered.

The Projects built using this tutorial are

  • Task Manager
  • Store API
  • JWT Basics
  • Jobs API

These projects are part of his Udemy Course and in the actual course he goes through NodeJS, ExpressJS basics and few more advanced project tutorials such as File/Image upload, Sending Emails, Stripe Payment Integration, E-Commerce API building, Authentication Workflow etc.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and make the best out of it. Support content creators like John Smilga on Udemy for great tutorials. He releases discount coupons every month. So keep an eye for it on his YouTube Channel.

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