How to get rid of Black Screen in OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Black Screen during Display Capture on OBS Studio is a common issue when someone installs it on Windows 10 machine. I faced it myself too. There were a ton of solutions but only few managed to work.

In fact OBS themselves have a guide to troubleshoot this issue. Here are some of the common solutions which might work for you.

1. Switch Off Game Mode

Go to the Start Menu -> Type Game Mode Settings -> Turn off the Game Mode

Turn Off Game Mode to prevent Black Screen on OBS

Game Mode helps to prioritize your gaming experience on Windows 10. Game Mode has a screen record feature of its own and this can interfere with to OBS to cause Black Screen while recording.

2. Change the Graphic Processor

Right Click on OBS Studio Icon -> Run with Graphic Processor -> Choose Integrated Graphics

Choose Integrated Graphics as a setting to remove black screen on OBS Studio

Sometimes you got to make this change exclusively to force the machine to run OBS using integrated graphics. The reason may be due to the fact that NVIDIA is not able to force OBS to use integrated graphics for some reason. This trick has helped several people to get rid of their Black Screen Issue on OBS.

3. Make Changes to the Graphic Settings (This worked for me)

Go to Start Menu -> Type Graphic Settings -> Choose Classic App -> Click on Browse

Make changes in the Graphic Settings to get rid of Black Screen on OBS Studio.

Go to C: -> Program Files -> obs-studio -> bin -> 64bit and select obs64 icon

OBS Studio App will be added to the screen. Click on Options and choose Power Saving as graphics preference.

Select Power Savings as default Graphics Preference to get rid of Black Screen on OBS Studio.

Now restart your OBS studio and your computer if required. Black Screen Issue will go away. You can see your Display Capture on your OBS Studio.

OBS Studio works perfectly and Black Screen is gone.

I hope any of the above solutions work for you to get rid of the Black Screen. Have a good time streaming with OBS !