Author: Tech Jasmine

  • NodeJS + Express Tutorials

    Here is a top class NodeJS + Express JS Tutorial by John Smilga (Coding Addict on YouTube). This tutorial is nearly 10 hours long and focuses on building 4 Projects using NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB. The much of the project is building the backend API and front end development is not covered. The Projects built […]

  • Create United States Flag with HTML and CSS

    Happy Independence Day to all the citizens of United States of America. My old post of creating Indian Flag with HTML and CSS was very popular among my readers. So today I want to create American Flag with HTML and CSS to celebrate US Independence Day. United States Flag or American Flag is rectangular in […]

  • How to get rid of Black Screen in OBS Studio

    Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Black Screen during Display Capture on OBS Studio is a common issue when someone installs it on Windows 10 machine. I faced it myself too. There were a ton of solutions but only few managed to work. […]

  • Best Deno Tutorials on YouTube

    Deno is a secure runtime for JavaSript and TypeScript. It aims to replace Node.js which is the de-facto runtime when building modern JavaScript apps. Deno was created by Ryan Dahl, who is also the creator of Node.js. According to Ryan in his famous conference speech, Node.js had few design flaws which became apparent as its […]

  • Learn SQL online. Best SQL Tutorials on YouTube.

    Today is the 25th anniversary of PHP. By a co-incidence I was messing around with some PHP and MySQL code for a simple web app. I know this stack may not be cool or hip today, but I feel proud to say that it puts food on my table. I was stumped by SQL JOINS […]

  • Stripe online payment, finally in India !

    Yes ! I’m ecstatic to hear about Stripe starting their online payment service in India. Stripe payment gateway is known for its ease of integration with web and mobile apps. This is an awesome news. If you are a web developer or you are learning web development, you can find thousands of tutorials online about […]

  • Build Ecommerce Website (Amazon Clone) with Node and React Tutorial

    Hello guys, I found a nice 5 hour long YouTube tutorial on how to build a Ecommerce website with Node and React by Coding with Basir. By the end of the tutorial you will build a mini clone of Amazon using Node and React. This app is a Full Stack MERN App using MongoDB for […]

  • CORS issue in create-react-app

    Did you know malformed API url in create-react-app can cause CORS issue in Google Chrome when getting data from external api via fetch or axios. I know this a strange issue. It is what i faced when using pixabay api in a create-react-app. I had stored api key in .env file. I made a stupid […]

  • Thomas Weibenfalk – JavaScript, React and more.

    Thomas Weibenfalk is one of the top JavaScript and React teacher in the world of web development. Thomas hails from Sweden and has a masters degree in Marketing & Economics from Lund University. He has good foundations in graphic design as well due to which his project tutorials have nice and clean design. Mr Weibenfalk […]

  • Best Web Development Tutorials on YouTube

    Ever since the inception of YouTube, there have been thousands of people who have imparted free education to their followers. Today you can learn to play a guitar, or basics of gardening or speak a new language or get good at Math, all at the comfort of your couch. Web Development and Software development in […]